• Portable Air Driven Gas Boosters & Gas Boosting Stations

    As with air driven hydraulic pumping systems, the engineers at Stephen Balaram Engineering are well versed with the design and application of high pressure pneumatic/gas boosters and gas pressure boosting stations. A range of designs and layout arrangements are offered, depending on the particular industrial environment, available utilities, and of course the client’s specific requirements...
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  • Portable Hydraulic Pressure Test Pumps, High Pressure Hydraulic Power Packs & Hydraulic Control Panels

    SBE are able to recommend hydraulic pressure test pumps / hydrotest pumps most suitable to your application. To customers within the Oil & Gas industry, whether EPCs, service providers, maintenance contractors or producers, SBE have experience in proposing test pumps correctly sized considering flow as well as pressure. The typical problems faced by most users of...
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  • Haskel Air Driven Pumps & Air Driven Gas Booster

    Haskel air driven hydraulic pumps are used for diverse applications ranging from machine tool hydraulics such as clamping / work holding and hydraulic overload safety (HOLP), pressure testing, hydraulic control of valve actuators, pumping crude condensate, hydraulic bolt tensioning, high pressure oil injection, pinion extraction, etc.. Wide range of pumps are available from pressures ranging from 1,000 psi / 70 bar to 100,000 psi / 7,000 bar...
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  • Oxygen Gas Boosters & Compressors

    Pneumatic or air driven OXYGEN gas boosters are most well known for simple transfer & pressurization applications such as filling small SCBA / life support cylinders from large industry supply cylinders. Such applications involve aircraft ground support & maintenance activities for civilian or military aircraft where, typically, the internationally reputed Haskel 26968 Oxygen gas booster can be found...
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  • Pneumatic Operated Chemical Transfer & Injection Skids

    The manufacture of Hydrocarbon Transfer Pump Skids, particularly with respect to API-674 type pneumatic-operated pumps, requires careful attention to critical design factors such as NPSH(A), NPSH(R), physical and chemical properties of the hydrocarbon fluids being pumped, as well as the sour gas content and temperature of the hydrocarbon gas being used to drive the pump...
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