Stephen Balaram Engineering Pvt. Ltd. have been providing reliable solutions and dependable repair services in the field of high-pressure technology since the year 1974.

Started by our founder Mr. Stephen Balaram, now retired, the company is presently led by Mr. Philip Balaram (B.E., M.S.). Our team offers design, engineering, assembly & testing of high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems, supported by professional after-sales service support, in accordance with an ISO-9001-2015 approved Quality Assurance program.

A full range of high-pressure components, judiciously selected depending on application, sourced from internationally reputed specialist manufacturers, is available either ex-stock at our warehouse or from our frequent incoming shipments. Air driven hydraulic pumps, air driven gas boosters, pneumatic operated chemical injection pumps (API-675), high pressure valves, fittings, tubing, high pressure gauges, high pressure intensifiers for pressures of 10,000 psi / 700 bar, 20,000 psi / 1,380 bar, 30,000 psi / 2,000 bar, 60,000 psi / 4,000 bar, 100,000 psi / 7,000 bar are available from the standard range of products.

Design & Engineering

In order to process from design to manufacture in a quick, efficient manner the technical team at Stephen Balaram Engineering utilize sophisticated engineering software design tools, such as AutoDesk Inventor, among others. The selection of the heart of the equipment such as, for example, air driven hydraulic pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure intensifiers, air driven gas boosters, reciprocating gas compressors, hydraulic driven gas booster compressors, non-lubricated gas boosters, etc....is done in accordance with proven design principles so as to ensure safety & reliability while also keeping in mind often ignored criteria such as operating duty cycles, device operating cycling speeds, etc..    Read More Last but not least, equipment design aesthetics & ergonomics are carefully considered prior to finalization.
Equipment assembly and construction are carried out by our highly trained and experienced technicians, invariably following the precise stepwise assembly procedures advised by the respective component manufacturers. For high pressure tube preparation for example, specialist tools such as gauging tools, coning & threading, heavy-wall tube benders, deburring tools, etc., are always utilized in strict accordance with the concerned original equipment manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations. Apart from the critical pressure equipment itself, the materials used to fabricate control consoles & structures are of the highest quality possible and are carefully selected in order to ensure successful long-term operation within the equipments’ operating environment.

Testing, Trouble-Shooting, Repair

A complete range of test & measuring equipment is available at our workshop as required to assemble and test high pressure equipment at pressures as high as 4,000 bar / 60,000 psi. A hydraulic & pneumatic test bench, designed by our team, is used to conduct final testing on any repaired valve, pump or gas booster. Also available is a high pressure spindle pump system capable of generating high pressures for the purpose of comparator testing, etc. Standard workshop tools such as drills, cutters, deburring tools, etc. as well as equipment such as compressed air system with dryer are also installed in order to ensure rapid inhouse testing and evaluation.

Providing spare parts and after-sales service support are extremely important activities for our service team. Our professionally trained highly motivated staff are prompt, careful and thorough in their investigations and trouble-shooting. Several staff members have had years of experience working with and servicing high pressure equipment and are veritable experts in trouble-shooting equipment coming in for repair.

“We endeavour to deliver rigorously engineered
high quality products offering outstanding value”

Philip Balaram

Stephen Balaram Engineering Private Limited