Chemical Transfer Pumps
SIDEWINDER Chemical Metering Pumps

Sidewinder Pumps, Inc.

Sidewinder Pumps, Inc. manufacturers chemical injection metering pumps. Pneumatic injection pumps, electric chemical injection pumps and solar metering injections pumps are used for but not limited to Methanol injection, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, scavenger injection (H2S, Oxygen etc), asphaltine and other hydrocarbon treatment applications.

Sidewinder offers the latest in Methanol metering pump technology in pneumatic, solar and electric pumps. Sidewinder is dedicated to providing state of the art metering solutions for all your chemical treatment needs.


Chemical Injection: Ranging from wellhead through downstream, midstream, & upstream

Hydrate Inhibitors: Methanol, MEG, TEG

Corrosion Inhibitors: O2 Scavengers, Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers (H₂S), Biocides

Flow Assurance: Asphaltene, Paraffin, & Scale Inhibitors