Oxygen Gas Boosters
& Compressors

Stephen Balaram Engineering offer OXYGEN gas boosters and OXYGEN gas booster compressors, selection of which depends on the specific application and industry. Choice of technology, whether pneumatic-operated or electric motor driven, depends on a number of factors including, but not limited, to industry, operating duty cycles, function & application, delivery gas flows, available site utilities, etc.

The selection of the models to be recommended is based not only on in-depth knowledge of the equipment being offered but also the vast practical experience gained from working with the various technologies, in a wide range of situations and applications.

Air Driven OXYGEN Gas Boosters

Pneumatic or air driven OXYGEN gas boosters are most well known for simple transfer & pressurization applications such as filling small SCBA / life support cylinders from large industry supply cylinders. Such applications involve aircraft ground support & maintenance activities for civilian or military aircraft where, typically, the internationally reputed Haskel 26968 Oxygen gas booster can be found. The United States Air Force (USAF) conducted a study way back in the 1970s and cleared the Haskel 26968 model for bulk procurement use in filling high purity Oxygen for aviation. Thereafter, every major airline in the world used the same model for filling in their on-board aircraft bottles. For military applications, NATO specify a special Haskel air driven Oxygen gas booster with Monel gas sections. Finally, for covert operations by defence special forces, hand-operated Oxygen gas boosters are available

Apart from the above, custom engineered SBE Oxygen gas boosting systems are available for specialist applications such as the GOX booster system, used by gas production companies for coal gasification which is carried out for the production of Synthesis Gas (known as the Fischer Tropsch process: 3C (i.e., coal) + O2 + H2O → H2 + 3CO). Synthesis Gas itself is a very useful and versatile industrial product as it can be used for production of Methanol which itself can be used as fuel for internal combustion engines of for producing other useful products such as Ethylene. GOX booster compressor systems are engineered with very different criteria such as operating environment, installation location, redundancy (W + S), specialist valves in forged brass or Monel, as recommended for Oxygen service.

For High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) coating processes used in certain specialist manufacturing processes such as aircraft and aviation, SBE are able to offer custom engineered Oxygen gas booster skids, with multiple Haskel air driven gas boosters, which are ideally suited to the repeated start/stop operations in this type of batch processes.

Electric Motor Driven OXYGEN Gas Booster Compressors for PSA plants

Applications such as industrial PSA Plants (pressure swing absorption) typically operate for extended periods on a continuous basis. In such applications, electric motor driven multi-stage reciprocating piston gas compressors are recommended, in view of the fact that an appropriately engineered gas compressor is able to operate 24/7 between maintenance schedules. Typical service overhauls range from once in every 6 to 9 months, depending on installation and operation.

Stephen Balaram Engineering offer two basic PSA gas plant gas cylinder filling compressors, the Novair HP45 for low-flow gas applications up to 4.5 NM3/hr flow and filling pressures to 150 bar and the Novair HP180 for high flow applications to 18 NM3/hr which is capable of filling cylinders to 200 bar @ 18 NM3/hr. These skid mounted compressors feature automatic control via a panel mounted touchscreen PLC and relatively silent operation. They are engineered for indoor installation. The HP90 cylinder filling system is able to deliver flow of 9.0 NM3/hr and basically involves two HP45 boosters controlled by a single electronic touch-screen PLC. Novair Oxygen booster compressors are certified for high purity Oxygen gas service, of the same quality as that used in medical Oxygen applications in hospitals, aviation, etc