High-Pressure Equipment

The “NOVA SWISS” brand name evokes a long and prestigious history of pioneering solutions in the field of high pressure equipment. Since the inception of the company in the year 1921 the “NOVA SWISS” product line has been synonymous with the phrase ‘excellence in quality’.

The present VFT (valves, fittings, tubing) line derives from a rich heritage of products which have, over the years, firmly established the reputation of this venerable brand for offering exceptional materials married to ingenious product design. “NOVA SWISS” valves offer unparalleled reliability under heavy duty operating conditions and the range extends to pressures as high as 10,000 Bar / 145,000 PSI.

Furthermore, the special product line includes an unusual range of coaxial solenoid valves capable of extremely fast action and suitable for ultra-high purity (99.9995% pure) high pressure gases. These valves find use in JTC (Joule-Thomson Cooling) devices, typically used in IR Seeker and other similar applications in the defense industry. Other unique products include a specialist range of compact metal diaphragm booster compressors capable of boosting pressure of gases such as Argon and Nitrogen to pressures as high as 1,000 bar and upto 3,000 bar. Special versions such as for Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas are also offered. Applications for these specialist compressors include the injection of gases such as Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, for foaming of PU cable sheaths. Other specialist applications include Argon compression at pressures as high as 6,000 Bar for research studies in the field of geological earth sciences (cold seal cells).

“NOVA SWISS” is the first choice of Physical Research Laboratories across the world, including the National Physical Laboratory and institutes of technology. The hand spindle pumps, available for the generation of fluid pressures of 2,000 bar, 4,000 bar and 7,000 bar are often specified as they have a proven track record for reliability and local service support. The hand spindle pumps are often used for pressure calibration and also for catalyst injection studies in petrochemical laboratories, Oil & Gas industry research and educational institutes, etc..

Recently, the product focus has turned their focus on specialist products for applications involving high pressure Hydrogen gas, especially considering the evolving technology of Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs). A recently released range of high pressure solenoid valves suitable for handling H2 gas at pressures of 1,000 bar finds application in both FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles) as well as Hydrogen re-fuelling systems. These high pressure solenoid valves complement the existing range of pneumatic-actuated high pressure valves, as they do not require compressed air for actuation and as they have been designed specifically for Hydrogen gas service.