Pneumatic Operated Chemical
Transfer & Injection Skids

Stephen Balaram Engineering are well experienced with the design & engineering of Pneumatic / Air / HC Gas Driven Chemical Pump Skids for the offshore & onshore oil & gas industry.

Hydrocarbon Transfer Pump Skids (API-674 operating characteristics)

The manufacture of Hydrocarbon Transfer Pump Skids, particularly with respect to API-674 type pneumatic-operated pumps, requires careful attention to critical design factors such as NPSH(A), NPSH(R), physical and chemical properties of the hydrocarbon fluids being pumped, as well as the sour gas content and temperature of the hydrocarbon gas being used to drive the pump. Selection of the materials of the gas drive sections as well as the pump fluid sections, demands full compliance to API and other applicable standards such as, for example, NACE MR015.

Working in close co-operation with our principal Haskel, Stephen Balaram Engineering Pvt. Ltd. have in the past successfully executed projects for the Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), involving Air/HC gas driven pump skids for transfer of Crude Condensates on unmanned offshore platforms. For such projects, Haskel design and manufacture special pumps, such as the model 82526, 82633 and model 83040 double-acting pumps with special materials, compliant to NACE MR0175 standard.

These specially designed Haskel pumps have a proven track record of successfully operating for many years in the outdoor marine environment and hence they are well reputed in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. The skids manufactured by Stephen Balaram Engineering include vital accessories such as discharge and/or suction pulsation dampeners, approved pressure gauges, valves, flanges, etc., with detailed and complete materials and test certificates in accordance with the EPC and Project Consultant’s requirements. Stephen Balaram Engineering have in the past supplied such skids to Essar Offshore, GOL Offshore, Swiber Offshore, etc. for several ONGC projects.

Chemical Metering Pump Skids (API-675 operating characteristics)

The dosing of chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, hydrate inhibitors, wax inhibitors, etc. is critical for protecting pipelines transporting natural gas or crude oil and also sub-sea well-head pipes. Most chemicals require to be pumped 24/7, albeit at low or even very low flows, sometimes against high back pressures. Any interruption in dosing the required chemicals could lead to problems such as, for example, build-up of waxy deposits, hydrocarbon hydrates, rust, etc. leading to production delays and even downtime. Thereafter, once the deposits have created blockages, re-starting could be an expensive and lengthy process, requiring pigging or similar operations, as the built up waxes need to be physically removed. Corrosion inhibitors, on the other hand, need to be pumped continuously in order to protect pipelines from corrosion and rust. It is essential that the dosing be carried out as precisely as called for by process chemical engineers and the pumps need to be extremely reliable with API-675 metering control characteristics.

Stephen Balaram Engineering offer such skids with the renowned range of Sidewinder Pumps, which are available in SS-316 material of construction and feature both ‘stroke-adjuster’ and ‘cycle-timer’ for turndown ratios as high as 100 to 1, to allow chemical metering control to API-675 standard. As with the chemical transfer pump skids, the chemical dosing pump skids comprise carefully sized and selected accessories such as drive air/gas controls, pulsation dampeners, self-actuated pressure control valves (SAPCV), shut-off ball valves with lockable handles, approved SS-316 flanges, etc.. Portable chemical injection pump skids with Sidewinder pneumatic operated pumps fitted, complete with supply chemical drums / tanks included are also offered. These are particularly useful as back up chemical dosing arrangements to permanent electric motor driven chemical injection skids which are typically installed at onshore oil/gas platforms.